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TCP4U is a Freeware set of libraries that represent a set of APIs that can be used for cross-platform development.
Libraries are available for several varieties Unix and for 16- and 32-bit Windows.
Client and server development is supported through these APIs.
TCP, UDP, SMTP and HTTP protocols are currently supported, and future development might add additional protocols. HTML documentation pages are included, along with sample code.

For instance, your app can create a socket, and connect to the remote host ""using the "ftp" service in a single call.

In C/C++, this call will be:

int Rc = TcpConnect (& MySocket, "", "ftp", NULL);

This second sample shows how to write a simple server app. This appwaits for incoming connections on the ftp port then answers "service unavailable".It can be used with any FTP client.

TcpGetListenSocket (& MyListenSocket, "ftp", NULL, 0);
for ( ; ; )  {
   TcpAccept (& MyConnSocket, MyListenSocket, 0);
   TnSend (MyConnSock, "421 Service unavailable", FALSE, HFILE_ERROR);
   TcpClose (& MyConnSock);

Now guess how many lines you need to do the same using crude winsocket calls....

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dernière version
v3.31 (140 kB)
  v3.31 View the man page

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  compiled Win32 samples for tcp4u (DLL provided) (130 kB)
compiled Win 3.x samples for tcp4u (DLL provided) (225 kB)

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The New package (3.31) provides

  • The 16 bits DLL
  • The 32 bits DLL
  • The 16 bits static lib for Microsoft compilers
  • The 32 bits static lib for Microsoft compilers
  • C/C++ header file
  • The full source code
  • Unix Makefile
  • The documentation in HTML format