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Nov 2013
Tftpd32 is 15 years old
I was busy studying for a though Cisco certification. It is over now and i found Tftpd32 again. This release 4.5 brings many improvements.
Nov 2010
Tftpd64 is born
June 2009
Tftpd32 top choice from brothersoft
June 2008
Tftpd32 has gone opensource
May 2008
A new style for Tftpd32 10th anniversary
Sep 2006
Tftpd32 moves again. After a brief call for help to Internet solidarity, Tftpd32 has got new web space.
Thanks to all who offer me resources..
May 2006
Tftpd32 has moved
Wanadoo has banished this site because they say it takes too much bandwidth. I wonder how much they have !
Thus, it will now be homed by nonags.
Apr 2005
Site rewriting. New look and new colors.
Jan 2005
Dhcpd32 is now open source
Feb 2004
Tftpd32 v2.72
Oct 2003
Tftpd32 v2.62
Sept 2003
Added teaching resources related to economy

Création d'une page relative à l'enseignement de l'éco-gestion

April 2003
Tftpd32 2.54 available.

Mise en téléchargement de Tftpd32 2.54

1st Nov 2002
Tftpd32 2.5 available.

Mise en téléchargement de Tftpd32 2.5

28 Aug 2002
Tftpd32 2.5 Beta available

Mise en téléchargement de Tftpd32 2.5 Beta

30 May 2002
11 Jun 2002
The site has been rewritten by a professionnal designer. Visit its page at D.S.

Le site a été recréé par un pro. Pour voir sa page : D.S.

Merci Saysana

06 Apr 2002
Tftpd32 version 2.2
04 Apr 2002
Ftp4w has been suppressed, please contact me if you are still interested

Ftp4w a été supprimé du site (il a été initiallement prévu pour windows 3.11) . Si ce logiciel vous intéresse toujours, veuillez me contacter

13 Jan 2002
Tftpd32 version 2.1
30 Mar 1999
Tftpd32 version 1.3: A Freeware TFTP server

Tftpd32 version 1.3: Un serveur TFTP gratuit

26 Jul 1998
Tftpd32 version 1.2: A Freeware TFTP server

Tftpd32 version 1.2: Un serveur TFTP gratuit

03 Jun 1998
A freeware TFTP server

Un serveur TFTP gratuit

27 Apr 1998
Ftp4w version 3.02
30 Mar 1998
Tcp4u version 3.31
02 Feb 1998
Display has been changed

Changement d'apparence du site

01 Feb 1998
Cuisinons Version 1.1
01 Feb 1998
FTP4W version 3.0